Volume 59 No 1 March 2013 (8 Papers)

No Paper Auyhor Size Download
1 Evaluation of Two Dispersive River Nile Depossts Treated With Lime and Gypsum for Use as Dam Core material Ahmed M. Shareef and Abd-EKarim M. Zain 805KB pdf
2 Cn-REM: A GIS Model for Rainfall-Runoff Estimation Using A Soil Conservation Service Method Hashim I.M Bdel-Magid and Abdullah M.T. Shigidi 1.04MB pdf
3 A detailed Approach to Reinforcement Learning:A semi-Batch Reactor case Study Mustafa Abbas Mustafa and Tony Wilson 1.05MB pdf
4 Methoding Design in Sand Casting, Heuristic Rules of Methoding Design in Sand casting: A Review Adil Mohamed Elbasheer Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim Shukri 825KB pdf
5 Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soils from Muglad Basin Located in the South-Western Part of Sudan Hussein Elarabi, Mohamed Taha and tarig Elkhawad 1.23MB pdf
6 Optimization of Well Flow Rate, HA Field-Sudan Tagwa A. Musa, Younis M. Osman and Ahmed A. Ibrahim 1.47MB pdf
7 صناعة السكر: آفاق الاستدامة علي عبد الرحمن رباح 137KB pdf
8 The Intenational Seminar on Construction on Weak Rocks Hussein Elarabi 1.05MB pdf