Volume 58 No 2 September 2012 (8 Papers)

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1 Tractors for Canefields in Sudan Elbashir Ali Hammad 580KB pdf
2 The Effect of Traffice Activity on the Intensity of the Urban Heat Island: A Case Study on the City of Kuala Lumpur, Malasysia Ilham Sayed Mahgoub Elsayed 601KB pdf
3 Analysis of Intercarrier Interfeence Canellation Scheme in OFDM Systems Elessaid Sulaiman Saad and Naser Salaheldin Elmisbah 734KB pdf
4 AdvancedCiphering Algorith Based on Playfair Cipher Osman Mohammed Dafa Alla 7266KB pdf
5 The Influence of Conducting Bodies of Revolutaions on the Radiation Characeristics of Circular Loop Antennas Samier M. Ali Hamed and Mohammed A.H. Abbas 794KB pdf
6 Modeling of Oil Spill in the Sudanese Red Coastal Water Masoud Gamiel Ahmed, Bashier M. Elhassan and K. E. Bashar 742KB pdf
7 Prediction of Swelling Characteristics of Expansive Soils Magdi M. E.Zumrawi 701KB pdf
8 Evaluation of Solar-Assisted dehumidification Drying-System (I): Study of Drying-Air Properties, Energy and Exerg Analysis, and Some Drying Measures I.E. Saeed, K. Sopian and Z.Z. Abdin 1.10MB pdf