Volume 58 No 1 March 2012 (7 Papers)

1 Carbon nanotubes and Thier Composites: A Review G. Goudah, Suliman, S.M.A , Elfaki, E. A. 715KB pdf
2 Experimental Investigations on Friction Welding of Dissimilar Metals Abdelfattah Bilal Abdelsalam and Mohammed Misbah Ridwan 1.05MB pdf
3 Energy Efficiency Imporvment Programme for A Nigerian Textlie Industry Zarmai. M.T. and Salihi, A. 496KB pdf
4 The Effect of Late Sulfur Incoulation of Ductile Iron casting on Nodule Count and Nodularity Hashim Hassan Ahmed and Hashim Ahmed Ali 701KB pdf
5 An Approach Towards the Design of A Petlyuk Column Using HSYS Nustafa,M. Abbas and Wilson,J.A. 732KB pdf
6 Experimental Study on Expansive Clayey Sand Mixtures Shammat,H. and Osman, M.A. 859KB pdf
7 Rheological Modelling of Turbid River Water Sumia Salih Mahmoud, Isam Mohamed Abdel-Magid and Sara Ahmed Mohamed Saad 994KB pdf