Volume 57 No 2 September 2011 (8 Papers)

No Paper Auyhor Size Download
1 Fixed Supported Fibrous Reinforced Concrete Slabs Anwar Abdalla Eamin and El-Niema I. E-Niema 750KB pdf
2 A Feature-BasedSolid Modelling for Building Casing Components Adil Mohamed Elbasheer, Mohamed Ibrahim Shukr and Wail Fathi AbdelWaheb 234KB pdf
3 Simulated Annealing Algorith for Solving Facility Layout Problem Salih Eltahir Elmarioud Ali and Elamin Hussein 441KB pdf
4 Technical Viability of Using Differntial Gears Mechanism as A Variable Speed Drive Elkhawad Ali Elfaki, Abd Alfattah Bilal and Ahmed Elnour Mohamed Mouzamel 928KB pdf
5 Utilization of Breaking Life in Kenana Suagar Factory Elbashir Ali Hammad, Ahmed Elnour Mohamed and Osama Mohammed Ahmed 484KB pdf
6 Application of Ion Selective Filed Effect Transistor for Hydrogen Ion Measurement System Ibrahim Elkhaier Hussien Frfeen and Abdul Rasoul Jabar Kizar Alzubaidi 220KB pdf
7 Energy Conservation Potentials in A Nigerian Textlie Industry Zarmai, M.T. and Salihi A. 163KB pdf
8 محاكاة سريان الدورة الدموية عبر الوريد البابي تسنيم عصام محمد عبد الماجد، محمد هاشم صديق وعلي محمد علي السيوري 1.52MB pdf