Volume 56 No 55 September 2010 (9 Papers)

No Paper Author Size Download
1 Investigation on the Problems of Handpumps in Suda Mohammed Ahmed Abdel bagi Siraj, Mahmoud Hassan Onsa and Yasir Ismail Adam 342KB pdf
2 The Effect of Thermal Land Chemical treatments on the Restart of the GNPOC Crude-Oil Pipline (Waxy Crude) Mhoamed ElHadi Ahmed Younis and Mohammed hashim Siddig 351KB pdf
3 Experimental Investigation of Using gasoline-Ethanol Blends in A Spark-Igition Engine kamal N. Abdalla and Sabir A. Abushousha 235KB pdf
4 Improved Kalmen Equalizer Used for Data Transmission Over HF radio Link Osman Mohammed Dafa Alla 322Kb pdf
5 A generalized statement for the SMIB System and Compensated Feedder Reactance Modes Fayez Mohammed El-Sadik 211KB pdf
6 Mapping Underwater Topography of Coastal Area of the red Sea Using TM Imagery Ismat M. El hassan 1.29MB pdf
7 back anaysis of A trail Wall on Expansive Soil in Sudan-barakat Site using Barcelona Basic Model E.A. Mohamed, P.A. Vermeer and M.O. Mahgoub 2.59MB pdf
8 Target Recognition for Low resolution Survellance Radar Moutaman Mirgani Dafalla 221KB pdf
9 تقويم اداء مصنع النفاية بمدينة اللازقية بسورية الهام منير بدور 204KB pdf