Volume 55 No 52 March 2009 (11 Paper)

Paper Author Size Download
1 Effect of Water Accompanying The Crude Oil on The Performance of A CDU Ismail ElNadeef Ibrahim and Hass M. Elamin 404KB pdf
2 Production of Pertroleum Wax From Nile Blend Oil AmelA/Atti Nimir, Abdelshakour Awadelkarim Mohamed and Ali Abdelrahman Rabah 104KB pdf
3 Application of Numerical Strateies for the Ideal Number of Stages and Concentration Profile in A Fractionation Column Nazik Gafer Omer Abu Hassabo 187KB pdf
4 Biological Method for Treatment of Petroleum Produced Water Oil Content in Sudan Mohamed Ahmed Khada, Muna Ahmed Agab and Suhair A/Gayoum Saad 0.99KB pdf
5 A Simple Method for Differentiation Between Mobility Control and Water Shut-Off Agents Hassan Bashir 205KB pdf
6 Management of Evaporation Losses of Gasoline's Storage Tanks Abdelmajeed, M.A., Onsa, M.H., Rabah, A.A. 143KB pdf
7 آثار الاشعة الراديوية من المحطات القاعدية لنظم الهاتف السيار محمد علي حمد عباس 169KB pdf
8 Atmosheric Residium Characterization and Anal YSIS for Khartoum Refinery (KRC) - Sudan
Musa A. Garelnabi and Waleed M.A. Babiker
223KB pdf
9 Diluents Effects on Fulla Crude Oil Dehydration Afaf Ghais Abadi and Guarashi Abdalla Gasmelseed 309KB pdf
10 Improved Angstrom Coefficients for Estimating Incoming Radiation Across Sudan Nadir Ahmed Elagib 259KB pdf
11 Development of Solar/Wind Ev Aprorative Cooling System for Poultry Housing
Mujahid Sid Ahmed, A/Hafeez M. A/Alla and Kamal N. A/Alla
191KB pdf