Volume 54 No 50 March 2008 (8 Papers)

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1 Optimum Conditions for Production of Liquid Alum From Local Kaolinitic Caly
Sumya A. Mohamed and Abdelshalour A. Mohamed
248KB pdf
2 A Novel Coding Method for Radar Signal Waveform Design
Moutama Mirghani Dafalla and Mohammed Ali Hamad Abbas
653KB pdf
3 Options for Improving Power Generation Economics
Nazar M. Hassan
197KB pdf
4 Microcontroller-Based Calibration Bench Module for Use in secondary Standard Dosemitry Lab (SSDL)
Mjzoob Ismael Ibrahim and Iman abu Maaly
153KB pdf
5 Evaluation of Buoyant Plume With New Assumption to Simulate A Real Turbulent Flow
Sakhr B. Abu Darag and Khalid H. Sail
275KB pdf
6 The Sudan Experience in Flood Forecasting and Early Warning
Gamal M. Abdo and Ahmed E. Nasr
1.0MB pdf
7 Steel Fibers as Hardening Material in Reinforced Concrete Elements
Salih Elhadi Mohamed Ahmed
204KB pdf
8 The Theory of Twisting The Roving in The Speed Frame
Salaleldin Abdel-Latief Mohammed
192KB pdf