Volume 53 No 49 September 2007 (7 Papers)

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1 Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Network of Crude Oil Distillation Unit
Abdel Samed M. Adam, Ali A. Rabah and Hussain S. Ayoub
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2 Performance of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Under The Effect of Wireless Transmission System Drawbacks

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamedain, Iman Abuel Maaly A/Elrahman and Izz Eldin Mohamed Osman

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3 A Computer-Based Model for Gas-Turbine Power Augmentation: The Thermodynamic Sub-Model 
M.M. El-Awad and K.N. Abdalla
170 KB pdf
4 The Role of GIS in Oil Industry Management
Kamal Abdelllatif Abdalla and Elfatih Wadidi 398 KB pdf
5 Storm Water Quality and Pollutants Surface-AccumulationRates in Khartoum
M. Elmuntaisr I. Ahmed and Reem Fikri Digna
226 MB pdf
6 Accuracy Comparison of Some Spline Interpolation Algorithms
Ismat M. El Hassan
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7 Mapping Waste-Disposal Sites in Ryadh Using Radarsat Imagery
Abdalla Elsadig Ali, Emad Eldin Abdou Ibrahim and Elshami Mod Masaad
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