Volume 52 No 47 September 2007 (10 Papers)

No Paper Author Size Download
1 Opical, Laser and Digital Levelling: A Comparison of Accuracy in Height Measurment Fahd A. Abnmy, Abdullah E. Ali and Abdullah S. Alsalman 404KB pdf
2 Architechtural facde Design With Photovoltaic Using CFD Abdel Rahman Elbakheit, Guohui Gun and Saffa B. Riffa 187KB pdf
3 Use PET Bottles Weste to partially Substitute Sand in Some Cement-based Mortar Applications Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed and Abdelshakour Awadelkarim Mohammed 129KB pdf
4 Transformation of the Transit (Doppler) and GPS Stations to Adindan Datum Abd Elrahim Elgizouli Mohamed Ahmed and Kamal Abdelllatif Abdalla 207KB pdf
5 Unified Approach to Investigate Symmetrical Thin-Wire Polygon Loops With Uniform Current Distribution Samir M. Ali Hamed 235KB pdf
6 energy Consumption, Development and sustainability in Sudan Abdeen Mustafa Omer 69KB pdf
7 Nafion-117 Stability and Behavior During Electrodialysis of Concentrated Chromic Acid Containing Metallic Impurities M, Elmuntasir I. Ahmed 134KB pdf
8 Spectrally Designed Spreading/Despreading Functions to Combat narrowband Inteference in DS/SS Communication Systems Hamid A. Ali and M.A. hannad abbas 289KB pdf
9 إعادة استخدام مياه الصرف الصحي في زراعة المحاصيل إلهام منير بدور 268KB pdf
10 كلمة المحرر المحرر 103KB pdf