Volume 51 No 43 January 2005 (8 Papers)

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1 Using Artificial Neural Newtork (ANN) for Space Image Recongnition Adil M.A. El Sinnari, Sami M. Sharif and El Shami M. Musaad 1.14MB pdf
2 Polymeric Composite Industry in Malaysia S.M. sapuan and A. Sharudin 113KB pdf
3 Modelling Frequency Dependent Impeddances of A Transformer at High Frequencies Kais Issa Aboud and Ahmed Sleiman Ahmed 171KB pdf
4 A banknote Numbering Machine Embedded Computer Control System Sami M. Sharif and Sayed Harron AbdelKarim 231KB pdf
5 Water Harvesting and Spate Irrigation in Wadis: Yemen Case Abdulla Abdulkader Noman 415KB pdf
6 Radiometric Correction of Remote Sensor data Mohammed Khair Mohammed Ali and Elshami Mohammed Massad 125KB pdf
7 A Review of Assessment Methods of Passive Thermal Performance of The Built Enviroment Saud Sadig Hassan 621KB pdf
8 المشاكل والحلول في استخدام الموارد المائية عصام محمد عبد الماجد والهام منير بدور   pdf