Volume 46 No 37 January 1999 (9 Papers)

No Paper Author Size Download
1 The Organization Structure of A Construction Project Mohamed Yagoub Ishag Shadad 1.88MB pdf
2 Outlooks for Hydropower Development in The Republic of The Sudan Mohamed El Amin El Nour and valentin Novozbenin 844KB pdf
3 Predicting the Effect of Sediment Withdarwal From Alluvial Channels M.A Martin A.M Negm and A.A Alhamid 933KB pdf
4 Experimental Verification of the Analytcal Close-Range Photogrammetric System Elshami Mohammed Masaad 899KB pdf
5 Propagation Delay on Satellites RadioFrequency Signals Kamal Abdellatif Abdalla 1.44MB pdf
6 The Liquefaction Potential of Centeral Khartoum Yahia E-A Mohamedzien, Ahmed M. Elsharif and Mahmoud Abdel Gabbar 1.51MB pdf
7 Study of Seepage into Foundation of A Wheel-Lathe Machine: A Case History Mohammed Ahmed Osman and Wagdi Ata El mannan 886KB pdf
8 Side face Cracks in large Beams: A Fracure Mechanics Approach Abu Bakr Abdel Wahab and Mutaz Mahdi El Faha 1.32MB pdf
9 تدقيق طريقة تحديد البارمترات النهائية للهواء المبرد في اجهزة التبريد التبخيري غير المباشر د. علي يحيى عيسى 0.99MB pdf