Volume 45 No 36 July 1998 (7 Papers)

No Paper Author Size Download
1 Analytical Methods in Predicting Inluence of Technological Factors on Gas Recovery in Terms of Overburden Pressure (Reservoir Stress) Hafiz Wahbi Siddig 974KB pdf
2 An Investigation of The Effect of High Wax Content Sudanese Fuel Oil on Diesel Engines Mohammed Tawfig, Mohammed Idris and Mahmoud Bashir 642KB pdf
3 Real Time Flood Forecasting on the Blue Nile river A. Saad Y. Shamseldin, Gamal M. Abdo and Abderhman S. Elzien 1.30MB pdf
4 Hydraulics and the Environment Tag Elsir Ahmed Mohamed 2.36MB pdf
5 The Roseires-Khartoum Power Transmission Problem; Reconsideration of Conductor Layout Geometry and Ordering Amal El-Dirdiri, Abdulrahman A. Karrar and Mutasim A. Mahmoud 631KB pdf
6 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Combined Bending Shear and Torsion Salih Elhadi Mohamed Ahmed and El-Niemal I. El-nirema 820KB pdf
7 Evaluation of Civil and Surveying Engineering Curricula in Sidan Elsadig M. A. Sharfi, Jamal A. Abdalla, Kamal A. Abdalla and Ahmed El Tyeb 1.80MB pdf