Volume 44 No 35 June 1997 (7 Papers)

No Paper Author Size Download
1 Estimation of Air Conditioning Cooling Load Using Thermal Network Analysis Elsheikh Elmagzoub Mohammed Ali and Elamin Ahmed Osman 1.48MB pdf
2 Potential Applications of Microwave Heating in Industry I.A. Ali and A.M.S. Al-amri 0.98MB pdf
3 Space Geodesy for Monitoring Deformations and Datum Transformation in Sudan Kama A. Abdalla and Hassan H. Fashir 0.98MB pdf
4 Seismic hazard Assessment and Zoning of Sudan jamal abubakr Abdalla, Yahia E-A. Mohmedzien and Abubakr A/Wahab 1.68MB pdf
5 The Potential of Almaz Sar Imagery for Population Estimation Abdalla Elsadig Ali 722KB pdf
6 Clutter and Backscatter Cross-Section of Dust Storms at X-band Sami M.Sharif 773KB pdf
كفاءة سدود التغذية الجوفية
دراسة وادي خور اربعات
محمد عكود / حمزة عثمان الفاضلابي 578KB pdf