First National Conference on the Science Technology of Buildings Part 2


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Some Swelling Characteristics of Remoulded Aswan Expansive Clay
Mohsen Mashhour
7.11MB pdf
Consolidation Charcteristicts of Cly Mineral Mixtures
B. K. Sahu Yudhbir B.C Raymahshay
8.82MB pdf
Effect of Prestressign Level on Partially Prestressed Continous Beams
El-attar, Adel , M.Talat Mostafa and M. El-Adawy Nassef
6.16MB pdf
Infilled Frame Under Lateral Load
Dr. M. A. Nassef, Dr M. H. El-Zanaty and Eng. N. H. Ghareeb
10.2MB pdf
Stress Analysis of Load Bearing Walls Supported on Columne
M. Goneim, Dr. Abdel-Rahman and Prof. M. Nasr
7.50MB pdf
Wire Lacings for Bamboo Pipes and Timber Joints
Dr. Ir. Pieter Huybers
9.87MB pdf
Serviceability of Slab-Beam Systems Designed by the Direct Design Procedure
Dr. Abdel-Wahed Hago
9.72MB pdf
Relation Between Concrete Strength Tested by Different Methods
Dr. Shadia El-Ibiary, Dr. Mounir M. Kamal, Dr. Mustafa A. El-Demirdash
18.7MB pdf
Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Masonry in Compression
Dr. Fatma E. El-Refai, Dr. Amre E. Salama and Prof. Ezzat H. Morsy
9.72MB pdf
Improvment in the Durability of Buildings on the Basis of
Traditional Technology at Djenne (Mali)
Ir. Caspar J. W. P. Groote, Dr. Eng. Saliha Maiga
14.6MB pdf
Classification of Renfocing Steel Bars for Concrete Properties and Economy
Prof. Ezzat H. Morsy
11.0MB pdf
Compaction Characteristics of Nairobi Soils
Sahu B.K. , Gichaga, F.J. and Kimata, P.M.
5.55MB pdf
Use of Plasticized Sulphur in Sisal Fibre Concrete
Y.N. Ziraba, M.H. Baluch and A.K. Azad
10.7MB pdf
OME Examples of Vernacular Architechture in Hot-Arid Regions of Turkey
Fatma Nur Demirbilex
11.7MB pdf
A New Industrialized Building System to Be Used in the Developing
Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Hady El-Ekiab
26.8MB pdf
Plannig More Suitable Buildings for The Society
M. Bulent Uluengin
5.47MB pdf
Prediction of Soil Stress-Strain Relationship Using Vane Shear and
Cone Penetrometer
Ezzat Abdel- Fattah, Tarek Macky
6.54MB pdf
A photogrammetric Solution to Soil Displacement During Driving of Piles
Dr. Abdalla El-Sadig Ali
2.87MB pdf
Performance of Grade-Beams on Expansive Soils: A case Study
Dr. E. M. Ali, Dr. A. I. Fadl, I. A. Mohamed
6.57MB pdf
Experimental Study on Stabilized Soil Building Blocks for Low Cost Housing
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Osman, Eng. Adel Ali Mohamed
13.6MB pdf
Experimental Studying of the Dynamic Soil Behaviour
Tarek Macky, Ezzat Fattah
31.6MB pdf
Behaviour of Expansive Soil During Shear
Mustafa M. Sherif, Osama Mazen, Nadia S.Gergis
26.6MB pdf
Effect of Loss of Support on the Stresses in Laterally Loaded Framed Walls
Dr. S. Abu El-Magd, Dr. Amr E. Salama
49.9MB pdf
Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Under Line Load
Nasser F. El-Shafie, M. Talat Mostafa and Prof. M. El-Adway Nassef
8.84MB pdf
Tests on Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs
Dr. El-Sayed Ibrahim Mustafa
16.7MB pdf
Experimental Study on Stabilized Soil Building Blocks for Low Cost Housing
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Osman, Eng. Adel Ali Mohamed
5.69MB pdf
The Potentiality of Some Mixed Cements in Reinforced Concrete
Dr. Omima Ahmed, Dr. Mustafa A. El-Demirdash, Prof. Ezzat H. Morsy
6.14MB pdf
A Methodology for Determining Optimum Human Settlements Densities
Dr. El-Hassan S. E.
6.8MB pdf
Project Cost Control in Building Construction Management
N. M. Nzioki
9.22MB pdf
Conference Organization 1.73MB pdf